You didn't land here by accident

Chances are, if you came to this site, you have either met Heleen Kist or her services have been recommended to you. Skillcast is her consulting firm. Based in Glasgow, it has an international client list built over 18 years.

It specialises in Access to Finance, Financial Services and Technology and provides:

Strategy Consulting

Roadmaps using decision analysis (thanks, Stanford) and  simple frameworks (and thanks, McKinsey) to help make the right decisions at the right time with the right information. With a whole lot of modelling in the background to make it look easy.

Project execution

Some call it interim management, Heleen just calls it "getting things done". She's never more fired up than when navigating through a very constrained environment (FSA, State Aid, procurement) to design, develop and deliver new initiatives.

Commercial mediation

Had you thought about using a mediator before there was any conflict, or even an agreement? Heleen is a trusted and trained third party who could help reach a better deal (JV, IP licenses, M&A) than if two parties go head to head.


Please browse the case studies to get a better feel for areas of interest and expertise.